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What we do

We know that finding the right person for your business can be tricky.


Send us a message.

And we'll do what we do best.

We front-run emerging tech trends and start building innovative teams. And most importantly, we love it.

In 2016, we started hiring for Virtual Reality projects, for instance. The tech was clunky and primitive at the time, but ultimately: it was fun. We persuaded some Adobe Flash developers who were looking to pivot in to something unknown.


In 2017 we did the same with some backend Engineers for something called Web 3.0, now of whom are long-since retired after successful exits.

We were surrounded by those willing to take a risk and do something pioneering.


We ultimately kick-started a new chapter in their careers and helped build some truly innovative projects. 

And we've been doing it ever since. 

Where our expertise lies

Software Engineering and Technical Architecture
Emerging Technology: Virtual Reality, Web 3.0, Green Energy
Product Teams
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